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Asako MIURA, Professor

Social Psychology, Information Behavior Studies, Interaction

My specialty is social psychology, and I am most interested in elucidating the influences that interactions between human beings or between human beings and the objects in their surroundings have on human behavior. In particular, in recent years, interactions mediated by tools such as personal computers and mobile telephones have become topics of study. Communication sites that do not include face-to-face contact and are mediated by tools have become for us both familiar and indispensable, but in view of the speed of their popularization, studies related to the changes that have been brought about by the increase in interactions between humans and tools or between human beings mediated by tools, and actions toward a desirable future direction which should take have been slow to develop, in spite of a great social need. My goal is to contribute to this social need through psychological studies based on empirical data related to the actions and awareness of users.