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Naoki YONEYAMA, Professor

Clinical Psychology, Behavior Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis

My specialty is clinical psychology, and I mainly apply and research ways to support children who refuse to attend school and who are developmentally disabled. The methodology used this context is called a behavioral approach, which centers on behavior modification and applied behavior analysis based on learning theory. In this field, we do not just search for the causes that produce these problems inside people, but we attempt to explore the causes by grasping them as failures that occur in the interactions between the environment and the individual and that affect both. Therefore, when measuring the results in a clinical setting, I attempt to incorporate observable objects based on specific and objective definitions. Recently, at playrooms at the university, in addition to conducting studies of individual assistance for developmentally disabled children, I work closely with regional special needs schools and development consulting organizations, and been developing and analyzing assistance methods for the children and their families.