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Emiko KATSURADA, Professor

Children’s Social Competence, Attachment, Gender

Today, when a variety of problems concerning children and child rearing are being addressed, I think it is important that children have a secure attachment to parents and that children receive parenting through which they can establish such a secure attachment. Focusing on healthy development of children, I am interested in the various factors relating to their social competence. Specifically, I conduct research on children’s aggressive behaviors in relation to their attachment types, temperament, attributional bias, and their parents’ parenting behaviors. Another aspect of my research is gender studies. In the present, with its ideal of a gender-equal society, our awareness of gender roles is largely tending towards the principle of equality. In addition, our studies show that there is no gender difference in gender-role personality traits such as masculinity and femininity nowadays. However, a clear division of roles based on gender still continues in our society, and I am conducting research that is focused on the psychological conflict that occurs in such a society.