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Tsuneo SHIMAZAKI, Professor

Thinking, Learning, Experimental Psychology

The world that surrounds us is filled with information. We sift through sets of information, combine them, create something new, use the new creation, and in a well adapted manner, live in this world. Most people probably immediately associate entrance examinations or college preparation studies with the words “thinking” and “problem solving”. These are also, of course, one side of “thinking”. However, we can consider that our existence itself is also supported by continuous “thinking” and “problem solving”. In the field that is called “psychology of thinking”, I conduct research from the point of view of experimental psychology related to the types of processes by which such problem solving and reasoning are carried out, and the types of processes by which the acquisition and production, that is, learning, of new information that is necessary for this problem solving and reasoning are performed. In addition, I am also interested in research in which the sequence of such information processing is recreated using computers (computer simulation).