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第46回 KG CAPSセミナー 【4/30 Pamela Taylor先生(国際教養大学) 】のご案内


講演者: Pamela Taylor先生(国際教養大学)

日 時: 2021年4月30日(金)13:20~15:00

場 所: オンライン(参加者にはZoomのURLをメールでご案内いたします)

講演タイトル: How is the Emotion of “Horror” different from Fear and Moral Disgust?

要旨: Disasters and catastrophes involve extreme and incomprehensible harm that elicits
an intense emotional response that English-speakers often call “horror”. Although traditional
emotion taxonomies have categorized horror as a subtype of fear and/or disgust, recent
empirical work has indicated that horror is a distinct emotion category. However, the specific 
qualities that differentiate horror from fear and disgust remain unclear.
 In three within-subject studies, we tested and found support for the hypothesis that horror,
fear and moral disgust are distinct emotions that are elicited by different types of harm.
Results indicated that horror is a response to harm that was schema-incongruent (e.g.,
abnormal, extreme, incomprehensible) and had already occurred, but fear is a response to
schema-congruent (i.e., easily recognizable) threats of potential harm, and moral disgust is
specifically elicited by blameworthy harm. Horror also involved greater signs of schema-
incongruence (e.g., disbelief) and feelings of despair than fear and moral disgust.

  • 本セミナーは英語で行います。参加に際し,文学部・総合心理科学,文学研究科・総合心理科学専攻の方の事前連絡は必要ありません。それ以外の方は,ZoomのミーティングのURLをお知らせする必要があるため,一言英文(hitokoto[at]kwansei.ac.jp)まで,ご一報いただきますと幸いです。