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第58回 KG CAPSセミナー【3/28 David Creswell先生(Carnegie Mellon University)】のご案内


講演者: J. David Creswell 先生(William S. Dietrich II Professor in Psychology Carnegie Mellon University)

日 時: 2023年3月28日(火)13:00~15:00

場 所: 関西学院大学上ケ原キャンパスF号館102教室

講演タイトル: Mindfulness Interventions and Health

要旨: There has been tremendous recent interest in mindfulness meditation interventions for improving mental and physical health, with some initial demonstrations that they may be helpful for a broad range of stress-related disorders and health outcomes. In this talk I will describe two research streams my lab has been working on, first focusing on our efforts to build and empirically test a biological embedding account of how mindfulness interventions get under the skin to influence health. Second, I will talk about our research identifying some key behavioral skills people learn in mindfulness interventions for driving these biological embedding processes. Discussion will focus on next steps for mindfulness intervention research and health. 

  • 当日の最後、次回研究会の予告として、以下の発表も行います。

発表者: Kasey Creswell先生

発表タイトル: Mechanisms of Self-Regulation Failure: Studies of Cigarette Craving and Alcohol Intoxication

要旨: Self-regulation failure results when an individual is unable to override the usual consequences of an impulse. A broad range of societal (e.g., addiction, crime, teenage pregnancy) and personal (e.g., eating binges, shopping sprees, gambling) problems are a result of self-regulation failures. I will present a program of research that examines the mechanisms of self-regulation failure, using cigarette craving and alcohol intoxication as experimental models. I will begin my talk by describing studies that use manipulations of cigarette cravings to reveal the underlying cognitive and affective mechanisms linking craving states to subsequent self-regulatory failures. I will then focus on a series of studies examining how alcohol consumption serves to regulate emotions (i.e., relief of negative affect and enhancement of positive affect) and social functioning.  Broadly, my work aims to understand the mechanisms underlying the development and maintenance of addiction and seeks to identify those who may be particularly vulnerable to addiction.

  • 本セミナーは英語で行います。参加に際し,文学部・総合心理科学,文学研究科・総合心理科学専攻の方の事前連絡は必要ありません。